good values = meaningful gift
We've always highlighted American artists and craftspeople, and recently we've expanded our offerings to include Fair Trade items. Sure, what you'll find in our shop might be a bit pricier than what you'll find at Walmart or Amazon... The price difference represents not only artisan quality vs. cheaply made, but also the disparity in the wages and working conditions of the people who make all of these goods.

It's easy to observe obvious differences in the physical quality of artisan crafted vs. mass produced products. But what we're not often considering is the 
supply chain and production practices behind them. Products that are made under a system of good values usually do have a higher price tag, and that's a really good thing. It's no secret that many of the things we buy at retail giants have a negative impact socioeconomically, environmentally, and otherwise. 

And while we're not asking you to give up shopping at these stores entirely (heck, we shop there, too -  it's kind of inevitable), what we are asking is that you consider 
quality over quantity just a little bit this holiday season. Because each time you purchase an item that's made by hand in a small studio in the U.S., you can be certain that artist just did a little happy dance. And each time you purchase a Fair Trade item, you're supporting artisan communities in other countries who will actually earn a good wage from this purchase, benefiting their families in so many ways.

So please shop small, local, and handcrafted this holiday season! It makes such a 
BIG impact and makes for a meaningful gift! 

Makers gift guides include a little something for her, for him, for the littles, for the host/hostess, for the artist, and great gift bundle suggestions for just about anyone on your list... Now without further ado, the guides!: