Circuit Breaker Labs - Copper Cufflinks
Circuit Breaker Labs

Circuit Breaker Labs - Copper Cufflinks

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Coordinating pieces of recycled circuit board were cut into circles. The top colored layer, called solder mask, was carefully removed to reveal the bright copper traces underneath. The circuit boards nestle under a layer of smooth resin, which forms a domed top coat. The circuit part of each cuff link is 3/4 inches (16 mm) across.

About the artist:
Upon seeing the circuit boards coming from a broken computer her brother was attempting to repair, Amanda Preske became transfixed by the beauty and complexity found on a circuit board. Circuit Breaker Labs is intended to be a play on words and a nod to her background. Each cut into the circuit board signifies a broken circuit, so the name is quite literal. With a PhD in chemistry and a love for all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), the lab is where she used to synthesize nanocrystals, and is now a busy jewelry studio.

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