Leigh Lynn earrings - sterling + copper leaves
Leigh Lynn

Leigh Lynn earrings - sterling + copper leaves

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Material: sterling silver + copper
Length: 1.75 inches

Irondale, Alabama artist Leigh Lynn uses a jeweler's saw, solder, hammers, grinding stones and other tools to cut, shape, carve and hammer her wearable metal sculptures into shape. "It seems to me that my work erupts from waves of emotions. Life forms evolve from some inner or external force that happens mysteriously once I start to draw or hammer or bend or fold or carve. Jewelry has come to me fairly recently, but it is the completion of a circle that began in college with my welding and ceramics classes when the magic of metal, clay and fire took my heart away. I think I am making small metal sculptures where the high gloss of the sterling is a reflection of a long-time quest for high gloss glazes in my ceramic sculptures." 

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