Simon & Ruby - Constellation Necklace
Simon & Ruby

Simon & Ruby - Constellation Necklace

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Material: Brass

Length: 30" adjustable

Necklace is composed of oxidized brass pendants on Antique Brass Chain. This gorgeous brass Constellation inspired necklace is finished with an Antique Brass S Hook Clasp. Each pendant we create starts as a blank piece of brass & goes through a 8-10 step process to create a one of a kind artisan design.

From start to finish, initial design to final piece, all Simon & Ruby jewelry is made by hand. "In our studio in Nashville, we hand shape, patina, & wire-wrap each delicate piece until we have a complete collection to share with you. To us, it’s just another level of love from one traveler to another — like a handwritten postcard instead of a mass produced message. We appreciate the craft of our work, & we appreciate being able to share the process & the product with such a tremendous community both locally & worldwide."

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